SYPO Microfinance

Project at a glance

  • Mutual responsibility lending to groups of five women. The women choose their own group members, and are fully responsible for each other's repayments.
  • Loan period of one year maximum.
  • First loan size maximum ~200 euros.
  • Interest of 31% over the outstanding amount (declining interest).
  • No other fees, insurance, mandatory savings, etc.
  • No collateral.
  • Target group is women with no access to conventional financing in rural areas of the Mukono and Buikwe districts.
  • Weekly repayments.
  • Loan Officers work in a network of field offices and mobile repayment centers - clients never walk more than 15 minutes for repayments.
  • No extra costs for fast repayments.
  • Only business loans (no school fees, mortage, salary advances, etc).
  • Second and subsequent loans have higher maximum sizes, to ensure that we enable our clients to continue to grow.
  • All costs of the company should be covered by interest income; growth of the loan portfolio can be funded externally.
  • SYPO Uganda Ltd. is a subsidiary of the Dutch NGO SYPO. All profits need to be reinvested in the company.
  • The company was started in July 2011, and will grow to 3000 loans before the end of 2015.
  • SYPO Uganda Ltd. has an innovative lean business model, with minimal management, an emphasis on technology extensive outsourcing, and high levels of local ownership.
  • The loans are easily accessible for the clients: short business plans, simple offices, no collateral, no fees, locally dressed Loan Officers, etc.
  • SYPO carries out extensive impact assessments in the project, and measures poverty levels at the start of every loan.


    500 of our clients recorded a video message just for you, to show you what they're using their loans for and how you can support them.